“My friends, I can testify that this powerful truth about being led by the Light is practical in the most difficult places of our world today. As we consider how the Light leads us, let us also be aware of what the Light leads us to do as well.”

– Dr David Niyonzima


How can we foster a strong sense of Quaker values & principles within our community, ensuring that they are not only understood, but also practiced in the daily lives of students, families, and colleagues?


We will align our Quaker educational practices and values to our program in authentic ways with students at the center. We will amplify our understanding of and immersion into Brooklyn Friends School’s Quaker identity in order to fulfill our promise for ourselves and for the world.


Our Quaker identity defines and shapes our lived experience and aspirations within the BFS community, and this will be palpable anytime and anywhere within the school. In and out of the classroom, we are partnering with Quaker schools and Quaker spirited/values-led entities worldwide on various aspects of our pedagogical and human-centric/relational work in Quakerism. Within NYC and nationally, in both Quaker and non-Quaker education worlds, we will be known for our living of our Quaker identity and all that follows from that in the experiences of students, colleagues, alumni, and families.

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“Quakerism provides a true moral compass to our
children’s education.” - BFS Parent