Equity and
Social Impact

“Remember your responsibility as citizens for the government of your town and country, and do not shirk the effort and time this may demand. Do not be content to accept things as they are, but keep an alert and questioning mind.”

– Advices & Queries


How can we integrate social impact and social justice values and skills into our school’s practices to foster awareness and an identity of courageous changemakers aimed at addressing societal inequalities and injustices?


We will boldly claim our uncompromising commitment to belonging as a core element of care and community and expand our social impact efforts in a manner that grows our capacity as learners and doers. We will further develop and implement culturally competent and inclusive practices, ensuring that every student and community member feels valued. We will continue, and as possible expand, our commitment to access and affordability for prospective and existing students.


Our Social impact and social justice work are recognized by all constituents as not add-ons to our mission, but integral components of who we are as a Quaker School. We live our values and are actively working towards positive change, actualizing our existence as a school community that embodies the spirit of compassion, access, and justice that lies at the heart of Quaker education.

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“BFS’s Quaker values have made it natural for me to be mindful. We have so much subconscious stress functioning in society, and it’s really important to be able to acknowledge who you are, what you’re doing, and take a moment to reflect. I’ll take those Quaker values with me from BFS.” -BFS Alum