Purpose and Strengths of Our Scaffolded Strategic Vision Framework

Focused and Realistic Growth

By proceeding step-by-step, we set achievable goals and ensure that each stage of expansion is prudently planned and executed. 

Building a Strong Foundation

Focusing initially on BFS itself allows us to build upon our strong Quaker and human centric educational foundation. This further solidifies our identity and mission, enabling our distinctive community to maintain our effectiveness while expanding our reach.

Responsiveness to Community Needs

Addressing the needs of Brooklyn demonstrates our school’s commitment to being a responsible and socially conscious institution that seeks to be a positive action agent and partner in addressing our borough’s promises and needs.

Cultivating Global Awareness

As our school makes a pronounced social impact within Brooklyn, our current students, alumni,  and overall community will be aptly prepared to engage meaningfully on a global scale. This framework ensures that the global initiatives we establish align with our school’s values result in an optimally sustainable and impactful approach to global citizenship.

Long-term Sustainability

Thanks to scaffolded strategic development, BFS can enhance and develop strong partnerships and support networks at each level, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our institution, its initiatives, and an enduring commitment to positive change.

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“From BFS, I will take the Quaker values of inclusivity and compassion. These ideals are now rooted in my being.
This has empowered me to take action on social justice issues. I absolutely plan on continuing my involvement in social justice issues after high school, and BFS taught me that value.”

BFS Alum