A Letter from Crissy
Cáceres, Head of School

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Read by Crissy Cáceres

For more than 155 years, Brooklyn Friends School has existed in the Brooklyn landscape, constantly evolving within the cultural, socio-political, economic, and geographic dynamics of this vibrant borough. Throughout it all, our center has been our Quaker identity, and we have strived to embody and realize Quaker principles within all aspects of our existence. Many BFS generations have been influenced by the principles of Peace, Integrity, Community, Simplicity, Equality, and Stewardship, and scores of individuals have dedicated themselves to ensuring that they are fully lived through actions that positively influence peoples’ lives.

Now, in the coming years, our school seeks to boldly push itself towards being an educational cornerstone of social justice and impact within local, national, and global spheres in an effective manner that embodies and punctuates our Quaker identity. It is through core queries and proposed actions, steeped in the Quaker practice of being open to continuous revelation and seeking to connect to our Light within, that we lift the work of the many community members whose voices informed this strategic envisioning and planning process. Through this year-long process, we sought to grow in our connection as a community, develop our ability to become strategically informed visionary action agents, and punctuate our public-private purpose as school residents of our illustrious local, national, and global landscapes.

The trials facing our youth are different today in both content and magnitude. The skills required to solve them challenge the norms that have influenced educational practice for generations. Our school’s expansive academic program, its strength and its ethos of wellness and care for all students compel us to think harder about what is needed now that will equip our students with all that they need to not simply make a difference, but to influence the trajectory of our world for the better.

Within this strategic vision, we amplified the mission of our beautiful school and ensured that the process and decisions aligned with our school’s guiding principles. We also actively involved and engaged our community in our strategic planning process, ensuring that diverse voices and perspectives were heard and valued in shaping the future of our beloved and needed Quaker School.

Thank you to the members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, the Strategic Planning Team, Individual Interviewees and Community Design Day participants, and a special note of gratitude to the BFS Board of Trustees and all Colleagues for the immense efforts showcased throughout this journey. Your commitment to the realization of the optimal best version that Brooklyn Friends School can be in this contemporary context of education is absolute and will serve as motivation for collective framing and action in the years ahead.

In partnership and with gratitude and tremendous excitement,

“I developed a really good work ethic and an ability to persevere at BFS. The IB program really pushed us to work hard and make sacrifices. I feel prepared for college. I’m proud of myself, and I’m confident in my abilities as a student to push through difficult academic challenges.”

BFS Alum