“We are citizens of a country that we still have to create—a just country, a compassionate country, a forgiving country, a multiracial, multi-religious country, a joyful country that cares about its children and about its elders, that cares about itself and about the world, that cares about what the earth needs as well as what individual people need.”

– Dr. Vincent Harding


How would a physical school site in Brooklyn that brings our entire student and colleague body together help us to actualize our mission and vision to their fullest, boldest potential?


We will develop plans for a reimagined setting for BFS that unifies our entire community in one space. Our reimagined home will allow us to fully realize our unique identity, our school’s mission & our strategic vision for the future.


We have optimized all aspects of our physical spaces and the size of our student body to allow for an inclusive, safe, and inspiring learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and exploration for all.

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“BFS created a community and the ability to know what it’s like to feel safe in a community. I will take that with me – to know there’s a place where I feel really safe and known.” -BFS Alum